Frenemies: How do financial firms vote on their own kind?

2016, Management Science (A. Keswani, D. Stolin, and A. Tran)


Voting against absent directors

 2016, Economics Bulletin (S. Bourjade, C. Pungulescu, and D. Stolin)


  • Puzzling investor reaction to information about director attendance of board meetings.

Corporate monitoring and voting disclosure choices:
A study of UK asset managers

2015, Corporate Ownership and Control (B. Kogan and G. Salganik-Shoshan)


  • Full-disclosure asset managers are leaders in stewardship, and the rationales they give for their voting have an impact.
  • Discussed in

Corporate governments:
Government connections of public oil and gas companies

2015, Corporate Governance and Control (B. Kogan and G. Salganik-Shoshan)


  • Energy companies from more corrupt countries have more government connections through their boards – and having more former government officials on the board helps profitability.