Banks vs fintech: at last, it's official

2016, Journal of Financial Transformation (S. Bunea, B. Kogan, and D. Stolin)


  • Some banks formally acknowledge the fintech threat – but who and when might come as a surprise.

Using semantic fingerprinting in finance

2016, Applied Economics (F. Ibriyamova, S. Kogan, G. Salganik-Shoshan, and D. Stolin)


  • A powerful new textual analysis technology helps predict stock return correlations.

intra-dealer integration

2010, European Financial Management (L. Germain, B. Kluger, C. Pungulescu, D. Stolin, and D. Weaver)


  • Market-making firms quoting prices in the same stocks in the US and Europe fail to do so in an integrated manner.